Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin


Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a fascination with people who are the best at what they do – Oprah, Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, Michael Jordan, RuPaul, Michelle Kwan, Whitney Houston, and the list goes on. In the ten years I’ve spent in event entertainment, what I’ve loved most is having the opportunity to work with so many talented professionals who are at the top of their fields. From musicians to planners, florists, designers, travel agents, venues, and more. Working with them is what motivated me to start this company…one that I want to be the model of excellence in our industry as well.

Mabel Mateo, Aragon Artists

Mabel Mateo

Information & Systems Manager
Morgan Pirtle, Aragon Artists

Morgan Pirtle

Senior Production Manager
Maria Candia, Aragon Artists

Maria Candia

Production Manager
Samantha Tofanelli, Aragon Artists

Samantha Tofanelli

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Trey Findley

Sound & Audio Visual Manager
Colette Pennacchio, Aragon Artists

Colette Pennacchio

Travel Manager

Jessica Iglesias

Booking & Production Manager

Jennifer Seifter

Account Executive

Allie Herrera

Production Assistant

Mya Rochaix

Wardrobe Assistant